Through the Eyes of a Child - Show 1

Cuyahoga Falls High School

06/09/2023    6:30 Feature Presentation

Imagine this!... Being a kid again in your bedroom and making your fantasy world come to life by transforming a simple cardboard box into amazing toys that will take all of us on a wondrous adventure! After a full day of such amazing imaginative play, we become drowsy and gently drift off to Dreamland where the adventures continue! With Mr. Sandman and our Fairy Godmother as our guides, we are magically swept into the Land of Sweet Dreams, but soon find out from the "Master of Midnight" not all dreams are so sweet! But luckily for us, a new day always dawns welcoming another day of wondrous imaginative play!

VIP Tickets $50.00 - VIP Package Includes: Premium Seating, Complimentary Intermission Snack Pack & One Large Presentation Bouquet of Flowers Per Every Two VIP Tickets.
Premium Tickets $40.00
Select Tickets $35.00
All Other Seating $25.00